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Sarah Goulbourne

Sarah, our founding gunnercooke coach, is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and certified business growth executive coach.

In particular, she works with leaders of scale-up businesses and board members.

Sarah has a strong commercial track record as co-founder of gunnercooke, one of the UK’s fastest growing challenger law firms. She currently sits on the board for gunnercooke and its associated companies.

Sarah began her career as a lawyer and became a General Counsel for two FTSE 250 companies. She has also been a Non-Executive Director in the health sector. Throughout her career, Sarah has advised a range of businesses including corporates, scale-ups and start-ups.

“I have a passion for technology, business transformation and service innovation. I am on a mission to help others to achieve their greatest potential and performance in their businesses and careers. This is why I added professional coaching skills (Henley Business School / ICF ACC) to my other qualifications, including an MBA from Manchester Business School.”

Sarah’s warmth, energy and creativity are well known and she blends coaching and mentoring intuitively to deliver impactful insight and positive influence where it matters.

Contact Information
Email: sarah.goulbourne@gunnercooke.com
Mobile: +44 (0) 7789 273 440

Clare Jones

Clare is a coach and consultant with a 20+ year track record of helping senior professionals on all aspects of business development, marketing communications, client relationship management and personal branding.

Previously a director of marketing for a top 30 global law firm, Clare has worked with hundreds of lawyers across a range of professional service firms internationally.

“In a world of unprecedented disruption, the ‘trusted advisor’ has never had more value. We are all chief architects of our careers and I can help you optimize your commercial potential; whilst you help your clients navigate the complexities of modern business.”

Clare is also a qualified teacher, working part-time teaching business studies and delivering careers education, at a local academy school in London.

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Mobile: + 44 (0) 7871 775 252

Steve Couch

As a senior client-facing PwC Partner, Steve led and coached successful business proposals teams around the world.  Steve also regularly coached individual Partners and senior staff who were working through change at different stages of their careers   He has recently completed a three year Henley Coaching Masters and is now working full-time as an executive and team coach.  His areas of focus include all aspects of transition in professional services firms and building business team capability.

“I believe passionately in supporting individuals and teams to achieve their full potential, in their own unique way, by reinforcing and building recognised strengths, discovering and developing hidden competencies, and enabling comfortable and effective communication in dynamic environments.”

Steve volunteers as an Enterprise Advisor at his local school, to give real business experience to young people as they transition to the world of work.

Contact Information

Email: steve.couch@gunnercooke.com

Mobile: +44 (0) 7718 581 126


Hannah Beko

Hannah is a commercial property partner and one of the earliest members of gunnercooke, joining in 2012.

Hannah founded Authentically Speaking, a training and coaching business in 2016 and is a certified leadership coach and trainer.  In particular, she works with professionals who are looking to find more of that elusive balance in life and work.

Hannah built her gunnercooke business purely on internal referrals and has also worked in house for a local authority managing their portfolio and property team.

Hannah enjoys leading corporate trainings on topics such as stress management, efficiency, time and energy management and life/ business planning.

“It all starts with happiness for me. When we take care of our mental health and wellbeing, we can be the best version of ourselves in our private lives, our business and career. Happiness has a big impact on productivity and profit!” 

Hannah’s open, honest and genuine approach fosters rapport and trust with her clients.  Her style comprises a mixture of coaching and training which helps her clients to make positive and lasting change to their life, business and happiness.

Contact Information

Email: hannah.beko@gunnercooke.com

Mobile: +44 (0) 7879 379 377

Victoria Hill

Victoria is a qualified and experienced leadership and people development coach specialising in the real estate and finance sectors.

Previously a Senior Director in real estate debt and structured finance, she has over 20 years’ corporate experience. She began her career as a Chartered Surveyor, initially in investment brokerage before focussing on JV equity and mezzanine finance and taking on leadership responsibilities in major consultancies and financial institutions.

Victoria has developed her strong track record as a specialist coach due to her technical knowledge and understanding of industry roles, trends and norms. Her approach is designed to discover an individual’s motivators and capitalise on their strengths, whilst supporting them to overcome obstacles, which acts as a catalyst for improved performance.

“I am fascinated by effectiveness and truly believe this is maximised through a highly supportive yet challenging environment.”

Victoria also operates in the education and private sectors, where she fulfils her ambition to support young people through the coaching of education professionals and parents. Victoria is also a Mental Health First Aider and provides resilience coaching and CBT-related life management.

Contact Information

Email: victoria.hill@gunnercooke.com

Mobile: +44 (0) 7539 437 537

Armond Mertikian

Armond has coached and trained more than 10,000 senior professionals in global advisory firms since 2001.  He helps individuals and teams build successful careers in professional services by empowering them to forge reciprocal relationships with senior executives and key decision-makers.

He draws on his 25 year track record as a management consultant in top tier strategy firms together with frontline experience as the founder of a professional development company that he started to bring a fresh perspective on the human side of complex client interactions.

“It is said that “IQ opens the mind but EQ opens the wallet!” I help highly competent specialists in professional services firms to build the emotional and cognitive agility to raise their game and fulfil their potential by moving from being seen as experts-for-hire to becoming trusted and respected client partners.”

Armond’s style is empathetic and results-driven, and he combines his behavioural coaching skills with insights into the commercial realities of running a successful professional services business, to equip clients with practical ways to deal with complex problems, improve their sales effectiveness and manage their career development.

Armond has lectured at a number of business schools and he holds a degree in Economics and German as well as an MBA from London Business School.

Contact Information

Email: armond.mertikian@gunnercooke.com

Mobile: +44 (0) 7887 987 326