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“Seven in 10 scale-ups say that leadership development is “vital” …to the growth of their business.”

2017 ScaleUp Review

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Grow your business

Because we are entrepreneurs, we know the challenges facing founders and investors. We understand the practical barriers in moving from start-up to scale-up and the frustrations of feeling stuck.

From personal relationships to strategy, cash, revenue, and change management, from compliance, process, talent, cultural issues and changes, to complexity in the market environment, growing your business requires agility, clarity and decisiveness.

We can help pave the way for you to reach your commercial potential fast.

Maximise your talent investment

Are you responsible for talent or sales? We know how to maximise your team’s performance and we love implementing sustainable coaching cultures. We can ensure that your coaching interventions, whether internal or external, deliver you the very highest ROI.

We can coach your senior leadership team, Board or high potential individuals or train your team to do this internally. We partner with you to generate long-term impact.

Excel as a Board Member

The business environment places increasing scrutiny on Boards.

Members have to ensure that legal and regulatory responsibilities are met; be prepared for risk and reputation challenges, and also continue to seek and maximise business opportunities.

We provide specialist executive coaching services to support, inspire and elevate your senior teams’ performance either as individual directors or as a high functioning Board.

All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they are now getting. If we want different results, we must change the way we do things.

Our clients

We’re business growth specialists and we strive to deliver more than any other executive coaching provider. We focus only on helping you to achieve ultimate business performance.

We work with scale-up leaders and teams as well as start-up founders and leaders of larger corporates.

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Walk the talk

Our team of certified gunnercooke executive coaches is vetted to meet rigorous professional and ethical standards. We are not just certified executive coaches, we are successful, established scale-up entrepreneurs ourselves.

We know your challenges and frustrations, yet we can also provide the objectivity, perspective and fresh thinking you need to gain clarity around your challenges and goals and to commit to positive actions.


Our work is client-centric, solutions-focused and success-oriented.

Our ‘systems thinking’ coaching methodology is a holistic approach that both challenges and supports you whilst providing the perspective, skills and knowledge you need for your business to thrive. We help you to address the complexity of your world and generate outstanding results.

Over 90% of our new client work comes from referrals, which speaks for itself.

Giving you more

We are your business partner to achieve break-through commercial results.

We carefully match you with the right executive coach who becomes your advocate, your supporter and your catalyst for change. We care about our clients deeply, but we are not afraid to challenge you and give you some tough love.

Once you’re signed up to our executive coaching programme you are ‘front of mind’. Your gunnercooke executive coach is available to you working with you at the pace that works best for you, communicating via face-to-face, email, telephone or the technology of your choice.

We use 'systems thinking' to unlock your power

We believe coaching and mentoring are transformational tools helping to take performance to a deeper and more sustainable level – whether focused on individuals, groups, teams, or the entire organisation.

Leaders don’t exist in isolation but operate in a broad, interconnected system. We apply ‘systems thinking’ approaches to our work – a powerful way to understand the context of your world and to facilitate breakthrough performance results.

Our SALT coaching system is a 4-phase path which is built around the wider variables that can be so critical to your success. We use a range of tools to help you identify your greatest challenges, and then to plot a strategy to achieve your vision and objectives.

  1. Strategy – We guide you through a process of assessment, scoping & goal setting, with specific timelines & an outline action plan.
  2. Action – We apply a range of tools, models and techniques as well as brainstorming, active listening, questioning, challenging, problem-solving & skills transfer to help you create positive change.
  3. Leverage – We help you work smarter by helping you identify the systemic forces you can best leverage to achieve greater impact with less effort.
  4. Track – We believe in feedback & continual improvement. We help you to design a reflective learning environment so that you can steer your course to success on an ongoing basis.

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Code of Conduct for Executive Coaching

We take great care to conduct our activities professionally and with integrity. Download our Code of Conduct for Executive Coaching below.