We offer a full range of coaching and mentoring services to leaders of start-up, scale-up and corporate businesses, working in partnership with them, their HR and Learning & Development teams and their investors.

We believe coaching and mentoring are transformational tools to take performance to a deeper and more sustainable level – whether focused on the individual, groups, teams, or the entire organisation.

As a leader you operate in a larger, interconnected system. Systems thinking is a powerful way to understand yourself, others, and your world. It will help you to achieve the breakthrough to rapid, dynamic results.

Our SALT coaching system is a 4-phase path which is built around the systemic variables that are so critical to your success. We use tried and tested tools to explore all aspects of your world in order to identify what is working, what isn’t and understand how to change the system to achieve your vision and objectives.

  1. Strategy – guided system assessment, scoping & setting of goals, timeline & a written plan.
  2. Action – application of tools, models, techniques, brainstorming, listening, questioning, challenging, problem solving & skills transfer to create daily positive change.
  3. Leverage – No-one can do everything. We want to make you work smarter. We help to identify the key systemic forces you can leverage to achieve more impact with less effort.
  4. Track – feedback & continual improvement loop. We believe you should always learn. You will be able to integrate your systemic approaches through practice combined with reflection.

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