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“Seven in 10 scale-ups say that leadership development is “vital” …to the growth of their business.”

2017 ScaleUp Review

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Grow your scale-up business

Because we run our own successful scale-ups, we know the challenges facing founders and investors. We understand the practical barriers in moving from start-up to scale-up and the frustrations of feeling stuck.

From personal relationships to strategy, cash, revenue, and change management, from compliance, process, talent, cultural issues and changes, to complexity in the market environment, scaling-up requires agility, clarity and decisiveness.

We can pave the way for rapid-growth and help you to reach your full potential fast.

Maximise your talent investment

Are you responsible for talent or sales? We know how to maximise your team’s performance and we love implementing sustainable coaching cultures. We can ensure that your coaching interventions, whether internal or external, deliver you the very highest ROI.

We can help you implement a coaching culture yourself or coach your senior leadership, C-Suite, Board or high potential individuals. We partner with you to leverage engagement, productivity and commercial results as well as to generate long-term impact.

Excel as a board member

The transformational business environment places great scrutiny on boards of directors.

Board members have to ensure that legal and regulatory responsibilities are met in the best interests of the company. Boards must be prepared for risk and reputational challenges, whilst continuing to seek and maximise opportunities.

We can provide specialist coaching to support, inspire and elevate your board directors’ performance either as individual directors or as a high functioning board.

All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they are now getting. If we want different results, we must change the way we do things.

Why us?

We’re scale-up specialists and we strive to deliver more than any other executive coaching provider. We have a singular focus on helping you to achieve ultimate performance.

The work we do with scale-up leaders and teams is applicable to start-up founders and board members of larger corporates too since our systems approach has wide commercial application. In fact, we are referred by our scale-up clients to support many types of business.

The best way to find out if we are right for each other is for us to talk.

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Walk the talk

Our difference is that we are successful, established scale-up entrepreneurs as well as experienced and passionate coaches. We know how it is to walk in your shoes and understand your environment, the participants and the rules.

We provide objectivity and perspective. We can articulate and challenge the “rules” and define your problems, strategies and goals while you gain clarity and action steps. Our team of hand-picked gunnercooke coaches are vetted to meet rigorous professional and ethical standards.

Results obsessed

Our work is client-centric, solutions-focused and success-oriented. You’ve hired us because you want change. And you want it fast.

Our systemic coaching methodology will challenge you, support you and help you quickly develop the additional skills and approaches you need to excel in your business. Our coaching addresses the far-reaching complexity of your disruptive environment. It will generate powerful choices for you which will directly impact on your results.

We get much of our new client work from referrals, which speaks for itself.


Giving you more

We know you have choices when it comes to finding an executive coach. We are in this business to be the best in the world and when you choose us we are your partner to achieve break-through results.

We carefully match you with the right coach who becomes your advocate, your supporter and your catalyst for change. We care about our clients deeply, but we are not afraid to challenge you and give you some tough love.

Once you’re on a coaching programme you are ‘front of our mind’. Your coach is available to you throughout your programme working with you at the pace that works best whether face-to-face, by email, phone or the video technology of your choice.

We use systems thinking to unlock your power

We believe coaching and mentoring are transformational tools to take performance to a deeper and more sustainable level – whether focused on the individual, groups, teams, or the entire organisation.

As a leader you operate in a larger, interconnected system. Systems thinking is a powerful way to understand yourself, others, and your world. It will help you to achieve the breakthrough to rapid, dynamic results.

Our SALT coaching system is a 4-phase path which is built around the systemic variables that are so critical to your success. We use tried and tested tools to explore all aspects of your world in order to identify what is working, what isn’t and understand how to change the system to achieve your vision and objectives.

  1. Strategy – guided system assessment, scoping & setting of goals, timeline & a written plan.
  2. Action – application of tools, models, techniques, brainstorming, listening, questioning, challenging, problem solving & skills transfer to create daily positive change.
  3. Leverage – No-one can do everything. We want to make you work smarter. We help to identify the key systemic forces you can leverage to achieve more impact with less effort.
  4. Track – feedback & continual improvement loop. We believe you should always learn. You will be able to integrate your systemic approaches through practice combined with reflection.

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Code of Conduct for Executive Coaching

We take great care to conduct our activities professionally and with integrity. Download our Code of Conduct for Executive Coaching below.